Feel the aura of the nineteenth century

How people used to set the table and what was cooked for dinner in the Śniadecki and Baliński families in their manor in Jašiūnai? How were children…


What do you know about Šalčininkai region?

Did you happen to visit the Šalčininkai city and get lost on the main street while searching for the Vagner Palace? Or maybe you’re one of those, who…



V international festival of choral music “For the gold ribbon of Solcha”

June 11th-12th, 2016 Church “Of the Lord’s Ascension” in Eisiskes


“Duniuška ir koščejaus karalystė”

We invite all children with their parents to take part in performance for kids “Duniuška ir koščejaus karalystė” which will take place…

Tourist guide in Šalčininkai district

Visit the Šalčininkai district today! Here you will find a numerous touristic objects, places to stay, restaurants, various tourist routes.

How to arrive?

Make your travel comfortable! Here you will find a bus schedule and contacts to the TAXI drivers in...
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Where to eat?

Got hungry? Šalčininkai district offers you a plenty of cafeteria's and restaurants with an excellent food to try...
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Where to stay?

Are you looking for a place to stay for the night or to rent? You can check some hotels or rural homesteads here...
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Leisure time?

Here you won't get bored! There is a great offer of sport activities, dance classes, horse riding, boats...
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Vilkiškiai mansion

Built in 1847 by the noble Domochovskiai family, Vilkiškiai mansion is a rectangular, wooden one-storey building, raising on a high stone foundation, and decorated with a mezzanine double-decker portico. Each floor was based on elegant…


Poškonys pond

In historical sources Poškonys were first mentioned in Grand Duchy of Lithuania legislation documents in 1713. At that time the village belonged to the Arlaviščių estate, governed by landlord Jonas Žemla. According to the layout of homesteads and…


St. Archangel Michael Church in Tabariškės

Built in 1770 by Lithuanian scribe Mykolas Skarbek-Važinskis, the wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel in Tabariškės remains one of the oldest churches in the district of Šalčininkai. In 1809 a poorhouse was…


Jašiūnų palace and park

Since 1402 Jašiūnų settlement belonged to one of the most powerful, noble and richest of Lithuanian families, the Radziwill family. In 1811 the Radziwill family sold the Jašiūnų Palace to Ignacas Balinskis. After his death the Palace passed into…

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