Archaeological Monuments


Barrows in Poškonys

Barrows are our ancestors’ graves. They were created when pouring over mounds to bury the dead. Around the barrow mounds are often found stone wreaths, which, according to ancient human beliefs, had to protected the dead from evil spirits…

ejszyszki 857

Eišiškių castle

Between the 14th -15th centuries, Eišiškių was formally a brick castle that defended Lithuania against enemies from eastern borders. In the 14th century chronicles, Eišiškių castle is mentioned as one of the oldest castles in Lithuania…


Bečionių Hill Fort

For the first time Bečionių Hill Fort was investigated by the Institute of History in the middle of the last century. On the hill fort archaeologists discovered a cultural layer, ceramic lined and smooth surface. During the most recent archaeological research…

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