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St. Anne’s Church in Jašiūnai

St. Anne's church in Jašiūnai was founded in 1515. It belonged to the Reformed Church - in 1640 the church was robbed by troops led by the Duke...

Turgeliai St. Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church

The first church in Turgeliai was built in 1511 by Vaclavas and his brother Aleksandras Mangridai and also Viktoras Gabrialovičius. The current St. Virgin Mary of the Assumption...

Eišiškių Ascension Church

The present church made of stone was constructed between 1847-1852 by a well-known historian and engineer Teodoras Narbutas. The high bell tower (40m) with two doors...

Kobilinskiai Chapel

The Kobilinskiai Chapel is a classical-style building with harmonious forms. It has got a rotunda with a dome tower and annexes on the sides. Built in 1850 from brick,...

Monastery in Norviliškės

Vagner Palace

Ethnographic village Žižmai

One-street village Rimašiai

Poškonys village

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