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Daina prie Šalčios

Comments Off on Daina prie Šalčios May 24, 2017


Jašiūnų palace and park

Since 1402 Jašiūnų settlement belonged to one of the most powerful, noble and richest of Lithuanian families, the Radziwill family. In 1811 the Radziwill family sold the Jašiūnų Palace...

Turgeliai St. Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church

The first church in Turgeliai was built in 1511 by Vaclavas and his brother Aleksandras Mangridai and also Viktoras Gabrialovičius. The current St. Virgin Mary of the Assumption...

Šunų paroda

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Monastery in Norviliškės

Vagner Palace

Ethnographic village Žižmai

One-street village Rimašiai

Poškonys village

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