Rūdninkų Forest is is part of one of the largest arrays (forest complex) of Lithuania. Rūdninkų forest complex covers an area of ​​26 thousand hectares and one of the most valuable district areas. While wandering in Rūdninkų forest you can get an impression that one falls into a vicious area, where you can find yourself trapped. If you look around,  you will see only trees, raise your head through the treetops, you will see only a piece of the sky, listen to the sounds around and you will hear birds singing in the distance, rustling leaves of the trees, pine trees bending in the wind, you can get an impression that you come near to a bear … the Forest stimulates feelings of unexpected quality. At Žygmantiškės village there are 30m tall continental dunes. This open sandy marsh, formed from constant fires caused by bombs, is a unique formation.

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