Ethnographic village Žižmai

The village is situated between Gauja river tributary Berželis and the north side of the highlands, near Dieveniškės – Geranainių road. From Žižma village to the district centre is 30 km, to Dieveniškės town – 3 km. In 1385 Dieveniškės name was mentioned for the first time by Teutonic Order spies in their historical documents. At that point there was already the former mansion here- a feudal centre of the surrounding areas. It is undisputed that Žižma village was one of the estates under the feudal centre rule. The oldest known historical source where Žižma village is mentioned states that the settlement was inhabited by 7 families in year 1737. Number of homesteads significantly increased in the second half of 18th century ( in 1775 there were already 13 of them). In the middle of 19th century, before the abolition of serfdom, the settlement has been completely formed. From the first note about Žižmai in documents, till the beginning of 18th century there is a note about Šilabritų family. Before the Second World War, there have been a 4 grades private elementary school, patronized by “Rytas” organization,  a St. Kazimieras Society Unit, a Lithuanian reading-room. Country houses have different forms of buildings, different position towards the street, different number and combination of the buildings, different fence position.

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