How people used to set the table and what was cooked for dinner in the Śniadecki and Baliński families in their manor in Jašiūnai? How were children brought up? How did women and men dress in the nineteenth century? How people used to spend their free time outdoors in the winter and in the summer? Who were the rascals organization and what kind of ritauls they used to have?

Do you know the answers to all of those questions? If not, you should visit the Baliński and Śniadecki fammilies Palace in Jašiūnai – you will answer to all of these and many other questions concerning the cultural, political and social life in Vilniaus region in the first half of the nineteenth century. You will also learn what was like the daily life of the Jašiūnai Palace habitants, who were it’s famous residents, what they used to eat, how they spent their time there, and when you return home, who knows, you may even feel inspired to cook one of the most popular Vilniaus region dishes in those years “Arkasas”?

The palace is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday during the following hours:

II-VI: 9.00-18.00

VII: 10.00-15.00

Come to visit and don’t forget to inform us about your experience!

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