Grybiškių Pine is a state protected natural heritage object. Tree species – Scots pine. The trunk volume is 1.3 m, higher up – over 2.62 m, height – 21 m. Crown height – 11 m, crown width is 10 m, it has got an irregular shape which projection is over 100  m² width. Other peculiarities – Pine trunk has 6 very beautiful shafts. Pine tree is very distinguishable in its environment due to its beauty and age. Gribiškių Pine is about 100 years old. Its age was determined approximately, comparing with the trees growing around, whose age is known. Grybiškių Pine grows by the forest road, which used to be the main road connecting the two villages: Poškonys and Jurgelionys over 50 years ago. Now the road has lost its importance. The forest, surrounding the pine, was planted during the era of collective farms. The place is comfortable attending because it is near the Dieveniškių Historical Regional Parks’ hiking, bicycle and car routes.

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