Historical Heritage


Memorial place for Gintaras Žagūnis in Krakūnai

Žagūnis was born in 1957 in Pakruojis district, then studied in Trakai and Lentvaris. After graduating from Vilnius Civil Engineering School he worked as a foreman, engineer, senior technician builder. Since 1984 he served in the Ministry of the Interior and the State Government building security…


Kaniūkai Cross

Kaniūkai village, located on the south-eastern outskirts of Rūdninkų forest near the present Lithuanian-Belarus border, next to the Šalčia river. In years 1920-1939 Kaniūkai belonged to the Polish controlled Vilnius region, Lida county, Benekainių parish. In 1943 in the village was founded a local…


Balinski and Sniadecki family cemetery

One considerably valued site is the Balinski Sniadecki family cemetery in Jašiūnai, by the front of the palace, close to the river Merkys. In 1830 the estate owner John Sniadecki was the first to be buried there, followed by 18 family members…


Pavlov Republic

Up the river Merkinė is an old manor, now known as the Pavlov Republic, which was at ceratin periods owned by various nobility fammilies, notably the families Radziwill, Sluškiai, Potocky, Dunin, Sanguškiai, Korsak. In 1767 the manor was bought by a young priest, who at that time was an activist of…


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