Žagūnis was born in 1957 in Pakruojis district, then studied in Trakai and Lentvaris. After graduating from Vilnius Civil Engineering School he worked as a foreman, engineer, senior technician builder. Since 1984 he served in the Ministry of the Interior and the State Government building security. In November 1991 G. Žagūnis started his State Border Service, in 1991 February was appointed for the shift boss post of the Dieveniškės border patrol service. For six months before his death he was on his duty in Krakūnai border post. At that time, the Soviet troops used to set fire to the Lithuanian border posts, terrorizing officials who were working there. In May 1991 in response to the dangerous situation the authorities decided to temporarily abandon these border posts and to transfer the border guards vans to a safer places. Krakūnai post guards remained at the post van. Žagūnis told to his colleagues to go to rest, but he himself remained on duty. “If someone has to die, it’s better be one of us, and not all” – he added. At night on May 19 in 1991 Žagūnis faced his death – a group of armed men, who came from Belarus border direction, took a young man’s life.

In November 2004 the memory of Gintaras Žagūnis death on the Krakūnai post was honored setting a granite monument- almost five-meter granite sculpture, symbolizing the Lithuanian border hero sacrifice.

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