Norviliškės area is called Dieveniškių “appendage”. It is located about 12 km to the east from Dieveniškės, close to the Belarus border. While usually only the monastery is mentioned, in the very beginning it used to be a Renaissance Palace. Stone monastery was built in the beginning of 17th century according to the example of Slovak High Tatras Dolny Mitchyb. It had a dining room with a green tiled stove and 4 windows. There were also 6 barns for grain storage, on the second floor – a bedroom and a pantry. At the base of the building there were two basements, under the towers – two more. The whole building was covered with tiles and shingles.

In 1832 in Norviliškės monastery  lived eight monks – four of them from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and other four from the Kingdom of Poland. Unfortunately, the monastery was closed and the building was adapted for the tsarist troops barracks. In 1900-1915 years in the building lived the Agricultural School students. In 1918 the monastery building was adapted for a presbytery. At the moment a tourist centre complex is located in the old palace.

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