While visiting the Jašiūnai manor museum, visitors get a great opportunity to spend time in an authentic, historic environment, exploring history of the Vilnius University and the 19th century historical figures.

The foundation of the exhibition is Jašiūnai manor history from 1811, when it was governed by Baliński family. Main accent of the exhibition is the clash of age of Enlightenment and Romanticism and cultural prosperity of the manor, at the time when the late classicism style manor house was being constructed according to Vilnius University architecture professor Karolis Podčašinskis project.

The ground floor of the manor house museum has got two rooms, one of them is designed for daily use and cultural activities, and the other room reflects the spirit of the epoch. In the first room of the museum there is a possibility to develop educational programs, the room has got a special table and monitors for educational games. On the second part of the ground floor of the museum is presented the information on the age of Enlightenment and Romanticism, Jašiūnai manor house and Vilnius University connections, scientists biographies and Balinski family genealogical tree.

On the first floor of the manor the visitors can visit the rooms dedicated to famous Jašiūnai manor celebrities- Jan Sniadecki, Julian Slovacki, Michal Balinski. These rooms are designed in such way that they function as a mini-seminar rooms and don’t loose the memorial accents at the same time. The exhibitions are presented in three languages.

An interesting accent of the museum is an audio-guide – a mobile program, which contains the information on Jašiūnai manor house, the museum exhibitions, manors park, Jašiūnai town and the cemetery.

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