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Museum in Jašiūnai manor

While visiting the Jašiūnai manor museum, visitors get a great opportunity to spend time in an authentic, historic environment, exploring history of the Vilnius University and the 19th century historical figures. The foundation of the exhibition…


Ethnography museum in Poškonys

An old school building in Poškonys was redesigned into the Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park visitor centre,located on the existing building foundation, restoring the authentic building volume and facade expression…


Anna Krepštul Museum

A museum dedicated to the Folk painter Anna Krepštul (1932-2007) is located in the Multifunctional Centre in Tabariškės. A prolific and an incredibly productive painter, she created over 3,500 pieces throughout her life, evoking beauty, goodness and tranquillity…


Povilas Ksavery Bžostovskis Local History Museum

In P. K. Bžostovskis Local History Museum, you can discover the rich history of Turgeliai town. It is home to architectural elements belonging to the manor house, including documents and publications on Pavlov Republic…


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