Mythological stones are the natural monuments of the ice age. Huge stones Jankelis” and “Jankeliukas” are located by the road Šalčininkai-Poškonys-Dieveniškės. “Jankelis” is 2.5 m out of 3.6 m big and 1.3 m high, “Jankeliukas” is a little bit smaller and reaches height of 1.2 m. According to a legend, the two musicians, who were returning from a wedding, decided to take some rest and were turned into the stones. It is said that at a certain time stones are crying. Spring water stone (other name is “Užkeikta Svodba” (eng. Cursed wedding) is in Zajašiškių forest area near Žižmos village. It is said that a brides’ mother cursed her daughters’ wedding guests and they turned into a stone. 2 km away from the “Užkeikta Svodba” in Dieveniškių forest barrows area there is a pole-shaped stone Mokas. For many years people believed the stone to have healing powers and went to the stone to treat their diseases, asked for protection against bad luck or disaster.

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