Rimašiai village homesteads are located on the left bank of the Gauja river, the street repeats the river bend. Rimašiai were first mentioned in 1744. At that point and later on till the abolition of serfdom the village belonged to the Daubutiškių estate. Rural land was divided into three fields, these – in pieces, and the pieces – into strips. Each strip had its own name – Dvarnos, Siaurutės, Kamša, Plačiosios, Margiai and others. This had helped to organize the fields (each farmer owned 15 or more land strips). Homesteads were built on the southern side towards Dieveniškės, as on the northern side stretched a viscous swamp. Due to natural conditions arose a typical one-street village with all the houses located on the same side of the road, street was paved with stones.

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