Up the river Merkinė is an old manor, now known as the Pavlov Republic, which was at ceratin periods owned by various nobility fammilies, notably the families Radziwill, Sluškiai, Potocky, Dunin, Sanguškiai, Korsak. In 1767 the manor was bought by a young priest, who at that time was an activist of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Pawel Ksawery Brzostowski.  He named it Pavlov Republic, started reforms, abolished socage, distributed land to peasants and introduced a special land usage fee. The Republic had its own constitution, coat of arms, money, parliament, mutual insurance treasury,  police, doctors and a school.  The president of the Republic took care of commonwealth of peasants, culture, education, created plays when his peasants performed and sent information about the Republic issues to the newspapers. The republic existed for nearly 30 years. Now the ruins of the manor house are one of the most attractive and the most important point for the school trips, tourists and guests visiting Šalčininkai district.

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