Travel in the Šalčininkai area

The publication presents the main Šalčininkai district settlements, the most attractive and most popular local traditional activities of the region. Also there is the district map here, a description of water routes, museums and rural tourism contacts. The catalog is available in Lithuanian, Polish and English languages.



Šalčininkai District Municipality is preparing a newsletter for the dictrict habitants on the relevant topics. Newsletter contains information on municipal work being carried out, problems to be solved, adopted and pending projects, upcoming events. Information in the newsletter is available in Polish and Lithuanian languages.


Pavlov Republic

It is the first large narrative in Lithuanian language about an eminent statesmen, writer, educator, a priest Paweł Ksawery Brzostowski and established by him in 1769 a successful Pavlov Republic which existed for w few decades, a state which didn’t suppress it’s citizens but encouraged them to work, study and not to get discouraged by a temporary scarcity in daily life.

The publication is illustrated with the rare photographs and documents from Lithuanian archives, museums and libraries. Especially valuable is the Lithuanian translation (from Polish language) of the Pavlov Republic regulations written by P.K. Brzostowski and the faksimilia and translation of never published “The Good Order and Responsibilities of the people living in Turgeliai town and Viktoriškės mansion”, written in 1772 by P.K. Brzostowski.


Wooden architecture of Vilnius and Šalčininkai areas

This publication provides a short description of the wooden architecture in Šalčininkai and Vilnius districts. In contains a list of churches that are worth visiting, museums and other places of interest. Here you will find a detailed bus and train schedule, list of events in Vilnius and Šalčininkai districts, tourist information and entertainment options list. The publication contains information in Lithuanian, Polish, English and Russian languages.


Treasures of eastern Lithuania: from the hills of Medininkai to the villages of Dieveniškės

In this publication you will find detailed information on the educational two days and one night route in Eastern Lithuania region. Publication also contains the maps, accommodation options and contacts, Holy mass schedule in the churches that are placed allong the touristic route. It will help you to organize your trip according to your needs and abilities. The publication contains information in Lithuanian, Polish and English languages.


Woods of the Šalčia area

This publication presents the woods and nature of the Šalčia area, Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park barrows, historical and ethnographic monuments, unique Rūdninkų Woods continental dunes and the unique history of the region.


Šalčinikai area

It’s a photo album where Šalčininkai area nature, cultural heritage and traditional events are presented. You may find some interesting historical facts about the Šalčininkai district settlements. Photos are widely described. The publication is available in Lithuanian and Polish languages.


Rejon solecznicki. Šalčininkai region

Booklet in Polish and English languages contains information on the most important places of interest in Šalčininkai area. In addition, you will find here some information on the educational institutions and investment opportunities in the Šalčininkai district.


Towards Šalčininkai

The first book in Polish presenting in detail the Šalčininkai district, its most important places and monuments, nature, culture, customs and traditions. In this book you will find many interesting facts about Šalčininkai area settlements, people that lived there or are still living.


Welcome to the Šalčininkai district

It’s a driving, cycling and water routes map, with the most attractive objects in Šalčininkų area and accommodation options pointed.

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