Built in 1770 by Lithuanian scribe Mykolas Skarbek-Važinskis, the wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel in Tabariškės remains one of the oldest churches in the district of  Šalčininkai. In 1809 a poorhouse was established next to the monastery. Old Rule Carmelite monks came to take care of the parish schools and hospitals.  The monks helped to preserve the side knave altars that have been decorated with wood carvings. There are also genteel sculptures, valuable easel paintings, including portraits of A. Važinskis, St. Ann with St. Joseph, St. Joachim image and Christ with reed painting. The church displays a distinctive baroque style reliquary, liturgical vessels, portable altars. There is also a n iron bell and embroidered chasubles from the beginning of the 19th century , ordered by the founder of the church.

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