The first church in Turgeliai was built in 1511 by Vaclavas and his brother Aleksandras Mangridai  and also Viktoras Gabrialovičius. The current St. Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church is constructed from brick but rebuilt in 1897-1909 by  architect Alexei Polozov.

Polozovas retained most of the old walls of the church. On the triple knave in the façade he raised two towers and created a new Neo-Baroque style shell of the existing architecture form. Between 1928-1930, artists Valdemaras Kačinskis and Skvarčinskis decorated the interior, under the direction of Konstantinas Čarneckis. Compositions were painted in the vaults above the choir organ, as well as the middle nave above the pillars, side naves and sanctuary. The 20th century church equipment has remained up to this day, as well as paintings and sculptures and the stained-glass windows created in the second part of the twentieth and in the beginning of this century.

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