One of the oldest buildings in Šalčininkų city is Vagner Palace, dating back to the 14th century. It has passed through many hands over the years,  initially belonging to Glebavičius, and later Chodkevičiai, but since 1835 it has belonged to Vilnius pharmacists Martynas and Karolis Vagner. In 1880 Vitoldas Vagner built a two-story Neo-Renaissance-style palace with two porticoes. German architect Hetshold updated the building, merging a new palace with the original built by Chodkevičiai. Thus, “Oficina”was created in the old palace that included  a special section of the building with rooms for the servants.  Vagner Palace flourished during the inter-war period, when it was under control of Vitoldas son Karolis. Vagner farm (next to the Palace) was considered exemplary in the whole Vilnius region. The Vagner farm was being visited by many foreign delegations. Inside the Palace still stands a great tile stove and the so-called “golden hall”. It is currently home to the Arts School of Stanislaw Moniuszko (lit. Stanislavo Moniuškos menų mokykla).

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