Built in 1847 by the noble Domochovskiai family, Vilkiškiai mansion is  a rectangular, wooden one-storey building, raising on a high stone foundation, and decorated with a  mezzanine double-decker portico. Each floor was based on elegant columns, with wide stairs at the entrance of the mansion, and cascades of wooden carvings falling from the window gave the mansion very particular charm. The mansion was surrounded by a park with lime and oak alleys and majestic larch trees. Unfortunately, the tsarist government took over the possession of the mansion as the Domochovski family participated in the 1863 uprising (a national liberation uprising that involved the Kingdom of Poland, Lithuania, and part of Byelorussia). During Soviet times the building was used for a school. The mansion is currently under reconstruction, with plans to be used for cultural and educational purposes.

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