Did you happen to visit the Šalčininkai city and get lost on the main street while searching for the Vagner Palace? Or maybe you’re one of those, who have heard about Šalčininkai region, but have never considered this place worthy to visit, because: “there’s nothing interesting to see there!”? Or maybe you had to stay overnight in the area, but could not find any information about the available accommodation? Or maybe you live here for years, but did not know that only 20 km from Šalčininkai, flourished an independent mini-state in the times of feudal system, which was known through all the Europe for abolishing the socage at a very early stage?

If to at least one of the questions above you answered yes, then you’re lucky – you’re in the right place at the right time, as this website is intended to answer all of those questions and more.

What is this website and what will you find here? As the web name suggests, this is a website dedicated to tourism in the Šalčininkai district. You will find here the descriptions of the touristic routes: driving, cycling, water and walking routes, descriptions of cultural monuments, together with the extraordinary images, as well as curious stories about people who used to live in this region and built it’s extraordinary history. You will also find news on what is happening in the area at the moment and get noticed about the upcoming events – concerts, performances, celebrations, as well as answers to the most common questions asked by the tourists, namely: Where to eat? Where to sleep? How to get there?

The main reason why we do this is the promotion of the touristic values of our region, rediscovering them and showing in a new light through incredible photos and new stories. But in the first place we want that every day more and more people would learn about the Šalčininkai district. To archieve this aim we deffinitely need your help. Write to us and about us, ask questions, share your experience and insights on your journey or stay in Šalčininkai the areas around, upload your stories and photos… sharing is caring!

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